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Off-chain GunDB database for Alive streams and live chat messages.


This package provides the core implementation of the database schematics of AliveDB along with the APIs to interact with it. It is used in Alive-CLI to perform authenticated tasks such as publishing .ts segment hashes to off-chain cache. It can also act as a standalone AliveDB GUN relay peer, although this is usually bundled with Avalon and HAlive.

Most applications should only use a reduced implementation of alivedb.js.


NodeJS and npm are needed which can be installed here.


Standalone installation#

git clone AliveDBnpm i

Using as submodule#

git submodule add [submodule_dir]

Starting AliveDB server#

npm start

Compile as self-contained executable#

npm run build


AliveDB can be configured using command line args or env vars. Command line args takes precedence over env vars.

ArgumentEnv VarDescriptionDefault
--data_dirALIVEDB_DATA_DIRDirectory for GunDB database.radata
--peersALIVEDB_PEERSList of bootstrap peers (comma-seperated)
--http_portALIVEDB_HTTP_PORTHTTP port3006
--gun_portALIVEDB_GUN_PORTGun P2P port3007
--chat_listenerALIVEDB_CHAT_LISTENERStream link for participant auto-authorization. Format: network/username/link


Create user#

curl -s --header "Content-Type: application/json" --data '{"key":"unsafePassword"}' http://localhost:3006/createUser | jq
{    "id": "g6xic80hkpi79p9b",    "pub": "a4DAmyHA23xjuLc3XRcb5JdTrhH1HKJ5cqZhzkHO4kA.gGMwrIavPWOl07XVyQnGpGuNZAe3UbDC4bWvaulbsaA"}

You will need either the ID or public key to login to your newly created account.

User ID login#

curl -s --header "Content-Type: application/json" --data '{"id":"g6xic80hkpi79p9b","key":"unsafePassword"}' http://localhost:3006/loginUser | jq
{    "success": true}

Public key login#

curl -s --header "Content-Type: application/json" --data '{"pub":"a4DAmyHA23xjuLc3XRcb5JdTrhH1HKJ5cqZhzkHO4kA.gGMwrIavPWOl07XVyQnGpGuNZAe3UbDC4bWvaulbsaA","key":"unsafePassword"}' http://localhost:3006/loginUser | jq
{    "success": true}

Fetch stream participants#

curl -s http://localhost:3006/fetchParticipantsKeys | jq
{    "dtc": {        "techcoderx": [            "2A2No4SzEG1k3YyKnQ2CBtrDXoMmeSqsfjs6AvDVMV8TA",            "g1mUHD7s8U7yvAoJPT5xpG5VXg1zqFKBiLU6PGm6T3Ee",            "2AoapLZKcoCP9etJndt3TxaEW4EbMuJ8D4AtBrGDKKjjY"        ]    },    "hive": {},    "steem": {}}

Get current user#

curl -s http://localhost:3006/currentUser | jq
{    "pub": "a4DAmyHA23xjuLc3XRcb5JdTrhH1HKJ5cqZhzkHO4kA.gGMwrIavPWOl07XVyQnGpGuNZAe3UbDC4bWvaulbsaA",    "epub": "JWTzFN-8L6iPS-3CTgXhVYLbWfaYWMSVi-ZRiqXEozs.8SYPKKZcg4REu87ElMWPZ3OGNoQCOFju1q9YgCzQgnA",    "alias": "g6xic80hkpi79p9b",    "loggedIn": true}

Push new stream#

curl -s --header "Content-Type: application/json" --data '{"network":"dtc","streamer":"techcoderx","link":"stream1","stream":{"src":"QmNoa96v5gCfnzsdEbzZtrJvuXH14hS8k8DPPUQbdJMy7i","len":10}}' http://localhost:3006/pushStream | jq
{    "success": true}

Get stream with public key#

curl -s 'http://localhost:3006/getStream?pub=a4DAmyHA23xjuLc3XRcb5JdTrhH1HKJ5cqZhzkHO4kA.gGMwrIavPWOl07XVyQnGpGuNZAe3UbDC4bWvaulbsaA&network=dtc&streamer=techcoderx&link=stream1' | jq
[    {        "src": "QmNoa96v5gCfnzsdEbzZtrJvuXH14hS8k8DPPUQbdJMy7i",        "len": 10    }]