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Alive streams indexer and API server for Hive. Indexes the Hive blockchain from a starting block number for Alive-related custom_json transactions and processes them in a MongoDB database.

This package provides a set of APIs that are cross-compatible with Alive APIs on Avalon. Also acts as an AliveDB relay peer.


Besides npm and nodejs, MongoDB is required to store the index data. Installation guide can be found here.

It is also recommended that you run your own hived node. Hive RPC endpoints must have block_api and condenser_api enabled.


git clone HAlivegit submodule update --init --recursivenpm i

Starting HAlive server#

npm start


HAlive inherits some configuration with AliveDB and can be configured using command line args or env vars. Command line args takes precedence over env vars.

ArgumentEnv VarDescriptionDefault
--data_dirALIVEDB_DATA_DIRDirectory for GunDB database.radata
--peersALIVEDB_PEERSList of bootstrap peers (comma-seperated)
--gun_portALIVEDB_GUN_PORTGun P2P port3007
--db_nameHALIVE_DB_NAMEMongoDB database namehalive
--db_urlHALIVE_DB_URLMongoDB database URLmongodb://localhost:27017
--http_portHALIVE_HTTP_PORTHTTP port3010
--rpc_nodeHALIVE_RPC_NODEHive RPC node