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Off-chain GunDB database for Alive streams and live chat messages.


This package provides the core implementation of the database schematics of AliveDB within GunDB along with the APIs to interact with it. It is used in Alive-CLI to perform authenticated tasks such as publishing .ts segment hashes to off-chain cache. It also acts as a standalone AliveDB GUN relay peer.

Most applications should only use a reduced implementation of alivedb.js.


NodeJS and npm are needed which can be installed here.


Standalone installation

git clone
cd AliveDB
npm i

Using as submodule

git submodule add [submodule_dir]

Starting AliveDB server

npm start

Running in Docker

Build image

docker build -t alivedb .

Then configure AliveDB using the .env file here.


Do not set the ALIVEDB_DATA_DIR variable as this is handled by docker. Set the data directory on the host system in the bind mount through docker run below.

Run container

docker run --rm -d -v /path/to/data/dir:/app/data --network host --env-file .env --name alivedb alivedb

Replace /path/to/data/dir with the data directory on the host system.